About Hotbed Media

Video companies are everywhere, and we know you’re here because you’re on the line to make a video that’s beautiful, effective, and affordable. 

We’re here because of our credo: Hotbed exists to make you look good.

We do this through our love, talent and passion for video. It’s our obsession to learn about you, your project and how to create the best video possible on your budget. 

We make you look good through our scaleable size - if your video needs to be done quick, done small, or done lean - we can adapt our team to fit you. If you have a larger commercial, training film, or a series of videos over time - we can grow our team to fit you, too. 

We do this through our taste and skill - we’re a mix of hardened veterans and new wave creatives. Our talent and experience is a unique blend, and we make sure your video reflects the level of quality we expect from ourselves.

We’re often an advertising agency’s secret ‘video department’ for projects of all sizes - giving the agency an opportunity to grow by offering video through Hotbed's knowledge, authority and portfolio.

We make you look good through our stability - we’re financially sound and emotionally mellow. We’re not sweating our cash flow, and you don’t have to worry about us disappearing, causing drama, or making your job harder. 

And, through our commitment - It’s more than just a nice looking product - it’s making sure you are equipped to present it to your client or your board. It’s advising you on maximizing your investment. It’s tech support, resources, and an intuitive ear. 

We’re your video partners. When you look good, we feel good, and the videos we make are better because of it.