Vionic Shoes

Four Panel Tradeshow Video Loop + Video Branding

They needed

Vionic underwent a large re-branding effort to coincide with the launch of several new product lines. The look is beyond orthopedic and comfort - we're talking fashion meets technology! Hotbed was brought on to consult on their first video to incorporate their new branding: A four panel video loop that would tackle several key topics, showcase the look and feel, and of course - highlight the shoes. The display would be used at trade shows and serve multiple marketing functions for the Fall Season.

we provided

Hotbed created a fast-paced, smart look for the videos that took the initial branding elements and extrapolated them into video form. Choosing themes such as technology, lifestyle, product and fashion, Hotbed blended them into a seamless single panel display, which was then split into four video streams and staggered to create a multi-panel array. Hotbed also spearheaded the advisory on technological aspects of the project, including resolution, construction, testing, and playback. 

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