Iterating Your Social Ads

January 6, 2023

Iterating Your Social Ads

Social media and online advertising has one major, unique advantage to it when it comes to building your brand - rapid data on how your ad is being viewed and interacted with. With this information, you’re able to change and iterate on the ad you’re running. But how do you accurately react to what that data shows, and make your video more targeted?

A simple example might be this mocked-up app advertisement we created for this post:

This video is currently formatted to run on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn comfortably, within the generally accepted timeframes. Let's suppose we ran this ad and found that users were stopping to watch, but only stuck around for 7 - 10 seconds, before we got to the primary offer. How could we cost-effectively change this ad to do a better job of potentially holding the viewer until the offer and to the end of the video?

We can change it up to show the offer sooner.

In this case, we've trimmed a lot of the non-specific content, and the offer shows up at that 7 second mark, to give the viewer something specific. We've also made the ad shorter by 5 seconds!
Let's say that our initial data instead showed that we weren't capturing attention at all, and viewers were scrolling pretty quickly past. We want to make it shorter, and more viewer specific as quick as possible. We can accomplish that by retooling some of the copy, and cutting more content.

Let’s retool some of the copy, and cut a little more:

Here we've made the copy more immediate, specifically calling out the viewer with "you," and the whole thing is done in 10 seconds. You would run this ad again, and we might iterate again, if the metrics are still not quite there. It’s a pretty simple push and pull, measuring the reaction each time.
It's this flexibility that makes social advertising a real powerhouse, and it's Hotbed's flexible nature and rapid response that makes us the right partner for your next project.

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