Creating a Global Love Letter to Pets: The Power of a Look Book

February 28, 2023

Imagine a world where every single pet owner, no matter where they are from, can come together to share their love and devotion for their furry companions. That's the world we wanted to create for Mars Petcare through a brand anthem film. We wanted to capture the essence of pet owners and showcase the unconditional love they have for their pets.

But there was a problem.

How do we ensure that filmmakers from all over the globe capture the same emotions and feelings in their footage? How do we create uniformity in a project that spans across different countries and cultures? This is where the power of a look book came in.

How we explained what we were looking for to filmmakers around the world.

The look book wasn't just a collection of images and production guidelines.

It was a guiding light that brought everyone together. It allowed us to orient our global production teams, ensuring that the final product would be a seamless and cohesive representation of pet owners around the world.

Through the look book, we were able to give our filmmakers a glimpse into the emotions and feelings we wanted to capture. We asked them to dig deep and ask their subjects emotionally charged questions that would elicit a heartfelt response. The images in the look book served as a visual reference, ensuring that each shot was captured in the same way, with the same emotion and feeling.

Thanks to the look book, our global production teams were able to come together and create something truly beautiful. The final product was a powerful brand anthem film that captured the essence of pet owners around the world. It was a project that we were all proud to be a part of, and it wouldn't have been possible without the power of the look book.

While the look book served as a reference point, it wasn't meant to stifle creativity or restrict our filmmakers from capturing their unique perspectives. We wanted them to bring their own experiences and creativity to the project, so that the final product would be a true reflection of the diverse range of pet owners and cultures around the world.

We encouraged our filmmakers to think outside the box and capture shots that spoke to them personally. We wanted them to find those special moments that would resonate with viewers and stir up emotions. It was through this balance of guidance and creative freedom that we were able to create something truly remarkable - a film that captured the beauty and diversity of pet ownership around the world while also highlighting the unique perspectives and creative talents of our global production teams.

In the end, the power of the look book allowed us to create uniformity for a global production while still giving each filmmaker the freedom to capture something special. The result was a project that captured the hearts of pet owners around the world, showcasing the unbreakable bond between pets and their humans.

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