January 12, 2023


If you could reach your potential customers with a clear, concise message, 24/7/365, how would you do it? What would that top-of-funnel thing look like? Imagine if your customers went to your homepage and clicked on a video that made them smile or laugh. That told them about your product in 60 seconds and the pain points it solves while also wowing them with creativity.

What do you think that could do to your pipeline?

Unfortunately, when it comes to creating B2B videos, most B2B brands are just going through the motions. We've all seen these tropes before, the employee "innovating" shot in a boardroom, the CEO awkwardly speaking clip, or the staged shot of a customer and an employee conversing.

These videos just sit on your website and don't convert visitors into leads because they mean nothing. They are boring. They lack creativity. They explain your product poorly.

These top-of-funnel videos may even be hurting your brand.

We want to ask B2B marketers one simple question. How would a B2C agency handle marketing your product?

You may say, "we aren't like Nike.” Think about this for a second. Shoes, on their face, are pretty boring products. Everyone knows what a shoe is. Nike sells a boring product that they make exciting.

Your B2B product might be helping solopreneurs. You may be solving complex supply chain problems. Your product might even be saving lives. Your products are actually exciting.

So why not market them in that way?

Use These Tips to Make Your B2B Discovery Videos

1.      Creativity

Creativity is vital for your discovery video. It’s what hooks your viewers and keeps them entertained. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box on how you market to your clients. Essentially, look at your competition's dry, boring, and stiff content and turn it on its head.

  • Start with this question - how do I communicate this product so a co-worker shares this video with a colleague?
  • No one is ever going to share a boring corporate video, but they may share something engaging, something that’s relatable, or something that will make them laugh. Give them something they haven’t seen before that makes want to share. Pick a funny scenario that’s relatable, do something different. With a discovery video, you need to grab people’s attention.

2.      High Quality

We realize there is a time and place for the recorded Zoom presentation, but this isn't it. This is your first touchpoint with potential customers. You need to put your best foot forward, and you need to show you care. This means partnering with professionals to create high-quality videos and bring your product to life.

3.      Quick Intro to Your Product and the Pain Points It Solves

Give just enough information about your product to keep the viewer wanting to know more. We know it does many amazing things, but save them for further down the pipeline. Right now, you're all about getting their attention.

People have short attention spans and want to know how exactly they will benefit from your product. So, it is advisable to create short clips that briefly introduce your product and address obvious and unexpected pain points tied to your offering. Doing this will improve your customer experience and make you stand out from the competition.

4.      Entertain

If a B2C brand can make a vacuum cleaner, brush, or toothpaste exciting, there's no reason you can't do the same for your B2B product or service.

There are several ways of making your B2B video interesting. One of the best ways of achieving that feat is by telling stories that connect with the viewer. The better you tell stories about your brand and product, the better your viewers will understand what you're offering them and what it can do for them.

Your B2B discovery video shouldn't be shorter or longer than it takes to tell your story. So, ensure that you develop a storytelling arc right from the first to the last frame that keeps your viewers interested along the way. Ensure that you factor in how your video can be engaging and interesting for your audience when it plays silently and with sound on.

Create B2B Discovery Videos that Prospects Actually Want to Watch

Video is more than a placeholder on your website and can actually drive prospects to learn more and ultimately close sales. But to achieve this feat, you need to create the right videos.  At Hotbed Media, we create media for brands and agencies through the storytelling lens of accomplished filmmakers.

Let's start a conversation about how we can help you create B2B discovery videos. Complete this form or book a call.

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