Ten Tip For Interviewing Your CEO

January 6, 2023

10 Tips For Interviewing Your CEO

Someone assigns you to interview the CEO or critical stakeholder on camera. Your stomach drops.

You know nothing about video, but the messaging HAS to be perfect.

Try this.

1. They aren't actors. Do not have them try to memorize a script.

2. Film it in a way that allows for editing of their message.

3. Make it authentic by making it conversational.

4. Repetition. If they say something great, but they flub a little, have them repeat it. Maybe the wording will change. It could make it better.

5. If the messaging must be exact, use a teleprompter. If you think this will make them look "stiff," - the copy probably isn’t good enough.

6. Ask similar questions multiple times.

7. While you have them there, ask them multiple things on different topics to be repurposed for other outlets.

8. Most will rant and get off-topic. Allow them to do this twice before reeling them in. Some people need to get their brains working.

9. Orient them to where you are heading next in your questioning.

10. Give the crew plenty of time to set up before they arrive. The interviewee should come in and immediately be mic'd.

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