Here's how we can work together. 

Think of our engagement process like a menu, where you can choose to begin at almost any step. Check out your options below to get some ideas:




What kind of video? How many videos? Why video? Hotbed offers an initial macro strategy meeting that helps determine the proper mix of video content to solve your overall business challenges. Once the overall strategy has been determined, we’ll work with you to develop a micro strategy for each individual video.


Next, we’ll create a scope and budget for your video project based on the strategy. We don’t expect this step to be ‘one and done’ – we start with a set of assumptions, then we tailor our budget to fit your strategy's needs, and pricing. 

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3. Video Ideation

Now it’s time for creative. Hotbed team members dive into your project, developing ideas for your video that are designed to be effective, beautiful, and all-around awesome. 


Time to make your video! If your strategy dictates live production for your project, we will create a production plan, gathering gear, crew and talent. We’ll schedule locations and build shot lists. Above all, we’ll make sure your video shoot is carried out professionally, on time and on budget.



5. Post production

Whether your video is created entirely in post, or we’ve shot new content, Hotbed will put it all together in post-production. We'll assign a customized team to edit, design motion graphics, create animations, perform audio mix and color, and master your projects.

6. Deployment & Management

Video is more ubiquitous than ever, and there are several ways for Hotbed to help you deploy your videos so that they can be managed, seen, and engaged with by your viewers. We are well-versed in multiple video-hosting platforms that can effectively host and track video content for companies of all sizes. 

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