-Vionic Shoes: Natural Alignment Tech Video:

A 30 second snapshot of how Vionic Shoes blends proprietary biomechanical technology in a fashionable package. Using motion tracking to overlay graphics, the video shows critical improvement from bare feet to natural support. Scripted, shot and finished by Hotbed within 6 weeks

-Vionic Shoes: Elevated Support Tech Video:

The companion piece to Natural Alignment, this video reveals the Vionic secret - - great looking boots and heels hiding support usually only found in orthopedic shoes. Utilizing motion tracking overlay graphics and the busy San Francisco streets, this video went from concept to completion within 6 weeks.

-Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Foundation Gala Videos

A series of mini documentaries, each a snapshot of a life positively affected by the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Hearing from the patients themselves and their caregivers, the videos give personal, emotional accounts of how foundations programs made their treatment possible. Each video was shot in a single day and edited quickly to meet event deadlines.

-Andicus ‘Ohio’ Music Video:

Hotbed’s love for music videos continues with this Americana/Folk video for Andicus. The video visualizes the song’s longing for home, sense of place, and the beauty of the midwestern road trip. Shot all across Southern Ohio and culminating in coverage of a live, full album concert, the video was edited full of Easter eggs personal to the artist and his fan base.

-Lion’s Den ‘Manthem’ 30 second commercials 

Addressing a potentially controversial industry with comedy, the Lion’s Den marketing team partnered with Hotbed to create and shoot this series of hilarious commercials over the course of one day. Challenging single shot photography, comedic casting, beautiful lighting and great art department teams came together to create this set of commercials broadcast across the country.

-Fetch/GBQ Holiday Video:

How do accountants celebrate holidays? By the numbers, naturally. This quick-paced video was created using actual survey data and a true partnership between Fetch and Hotbed. Created entirely in postproduction using motion graphic animation and shared thousands of times during the holiday season.

-International Risk Management Institute: Energy Risk & Insurance Conference Promo:

This conference sizzle video began with audio first, with a script woven with several thought leader interviews and a common narrator, then sound designed to create a gritty atmosphere. Stock footage, inventive color correction and motion graphics were edited in and the result is an intense, urgent call to action.