Ready to work with Hotbed?

We have an engagement process that will give you an idea of what to expect when you call or email. Think of it like a menu, where you as the client can choose to engage at almost any step in the process – there are certain components we’d always recommend when creating a video, and others that can get your mind working on big picture possibilities. 




When working on a set of videos, or a video that will fit into a larger marketing strategy, Hotbed offers an initial macro strategy meeting that helps determine the video’s purpose within the strategy, which then influences the overall direction/tone/look of the video itself. Once the overall strategy has been determined, Hotbed will suggest a micro strategy for the individual video(s).


Next, we’ll create a scope and budget for your video project based on what we’ve learned. We don’t expect this step to be ‘one and done’ – we start with a set of assumptions based on what you share with us, then we tailor our budget to fit your strategy, needs, and pricing. We often suggest refining the budget/scope even further once creative is established in the next step.

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3. Video Ideation

Now it’s time for creative. Hotbed team members dive into your project, developing ideas for your video that are designed to be effective, beautiful, and all-around awesome. 


Time to make your video! If your strategy dictates live production for your project, we’ll plan and shoot your video.



5. Post production

Whether your video(s) are created entirely in postproduction, or we’ve shot video in the production stages of the project, it’s time to finish your video in the following steps.

6. Deployment & Management

Video is more ubiquitous than ever, and there are several ways for Hotbed to help you deploy your videos so that they can be managed, seen, and engaged with by your viewers. We are well-versed in multiple video-hosting platforms that can effectively host and track video content for companies of all sizes. 

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