Deloitte reached out to us while developing a recruiting program and finding themselves in need of creating EIGHT new videos to play during a presentation they would perform at various universities around the country. Of course, we were happy to take this project on! For each video, Hotbed worked closely with the client to develop specific goals. In the end, it turned out that each video would highlight a different subject about Deloitte. They ranged from social impact to leadership development, the company’s history to leading innovations. To complete this project, Hotbed sent teams to various locations including New York City, Miami, and even Guatamala to get great footage of not only the work being done, but the people leading Deloitte’s work. We recorded their stories and the proof of those stories happening in the world around them. With beautiful photography, professional interviews, and expert finishing, these eight lovely videos were a mix of live-action and motion graphics work. They were played on some of the country’s most prestigious campuses and viewed by hundreds of students who were able to get a glimpse of the Deloitte culture and impact.
Hotbed is happy to share these videos with you: