Cultivators of creativity

What is a Hotbed, anyway?

an environment that favors rapid growth or development

Authenticity is what we do best. We plant creative seeds and work closely with our clients to grow them into high performing, attention grabbing, heart warming videos.

It's more than just pretty pictures.

Those are easy enough to pull off with the right equipment. And by themselves, they don’t do much to win customers.

The bigger challenge is putting the pieces together in a way that makes people actually feel something. That means telling a story.

Stories captivate audiences. Stories start conversations. Stories stick in your head. Stories make you care.

Because we have filmmaking backgrounds, we understand exactly how to leverage story to draw out human emotion. We use movie moments to make marketing magic. It’s why our work stands out — and why we’ve been successful since our founding in 1998.

A few of our buddies:


Mike Paulucci

Executive Producer & Director

Stokes McIntyre

Founder & Owner

Josie Bowlin

Senior Producer

Hunter Koerner

Motion Graphics & Special Effects

Adam Lipp

Post Producer and Live Action Editor

Julianne Jones

Head of Operations

How we think:

The way we work is just as important as what we do.


We have so much more momentum when we’re all working together, maximizing our individual strengths toward our collective goal.


There’s not a problem that’s too tough for us to solve. We’ll keep working until we get it.


We’re open and honest in all our communications with you. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your projects.


Working with us should be something you look forward to. After all, we’re making films together — what’s more fun than that?


The video process can be complex. Setting very clear expectations up front — and throughout our work together — ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Let's create something special.

Let’s talk about how we can collaborate to make something amazing — and amazingly effective.